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Too many junior developers, too few jobs

Bootcamp graduates and self-taught developers have flooded the job market with thousands of entry-level developers. It’s harder to find junior-level jobs now, and you’ll quickly hit a career ceiling if you never learned the basics of computer science.

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Bootcamps miss the basics

If you’ve invested time and money in coding bootcamps or other online courses, you probably know how disappointing it is to be rejected by an employer because they were looking for someone with more experience.

One of the biggest problems for employers is not finding candidates who have taken the time to learn the basics of computer science. For this reason, many interviewers focus on questions that deal with algorithms and data structures – this filters out those who are looking for shortcuts.

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We’ll teach you what you need to get through those pesky algorithm questions.

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If you want to advance to Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer, Manager or CTO, you need to know the basics we can teach you.

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Don’t waste money

University degrees take four years and cost thousands of dollars. We’ll get you what you need on your schedule for pennies.

What employers say about Qvault

jacob jenne testimonial

Jacob Jenne

CTO at Nuvi – Utah, USA

As an employer, it’s important for me to find engineers who understand the core principles of computer science. I need employees who have been exposed to all kinds of data structures and algorithms. Qvault offers these courses in a way that makes it easy to learn and advance.

Instant Feedback

Don’t wonder if you solved a task correctly. With a Pro account, you can write code in the browser and get instant feedback on your progress.


We spend a lot of time making our courses feel like games. With a Pro account, you get free rewards and unlock achievements as you progress.


With a Pro account, not only will you get a record of the courses you’ve taken, but they will also automatically show up on your public developer portfolio page.

Ignasio Contreras Testimonial

Ignacio Contreras

Student – Guanajuato, Mexico

I love how simple it is to find relevant courses on Qvault. As soon as I logged in, I answered a few questions about my career goals and I was recommended a course (Go Interview Prep) that was perfect for my situation.

Your software development dream job starts here

Software engineers are the second highest paying college degree, just behind petroleum engineers. The best part is that you don’t even need an official degree to become a developer. You just need to learn something and be able to prove that you can do it.

If you focus on your goal and put in a few hours a day, you can learn all the concepts you need for your first development job within 6 months. After that, you can continue with more advanced courses at your own pace to prepare yourself

10+ interactive CS courses, and specialized tracks

View all our courses here.

Gopher Gang Track

Go track icon 2

The Go language has skyrocketed in popularity, and Go developers are among the highest-paid right now. Learn all about Go with us.

The Track contains:

Algorithms Track

Python track icon min

Python is used by thousands of companies to deliver efficient, and reliable software. Learn Python with data structures and algorithms to land a CS job.

The Track contains:

What can I learn?

All Qvault courses are currently written in Golang, JavaScript, and Python, and we emphasize education based on CS principles, not just languages and technologies. Tools come and go, but the principles of computer science remain valid year after year. Check out the full course catalog here.

Saul Silva Testimonial

Saul Silva

Student – Mexico

I just finished both of Qvault’s “Basic Intro to Coding” courses. I now feel much more confident in my JavaScript skills. I found the courses very easy to follow, and engaging enough to stick with.

Özgür Yildirim 1

Özgür Yildirim

Student – Esslingen, Germany

I am a field service engineer in biomedical industry. I wanted to learn to code, but a bootcamp or going back to school weren’t an option because of my work and family commitments (and I wanted to still spend time with my kid!!!). I came across Qvault after diverse online coding courses and liked that their Intro to Coding course got me up and running with JavaScript immediately. They have an entire curriculum that keeps me on the right track through my journey. Just knowing the steps are in place for me to reach my goal is huge for me, and as soon as I joined the community on Discord, I knew I’d made the right decision going with Qvault.

Common Concerns

  • Is there a free tier?

    Yes! All course content is available for free, you just don’t have access to the Pro features.

  • What if I don’t like my pro account?

    We want you to love the platform and enjoy your learning experience. Every purchase has a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

  • I’m worried about getting billed unexpectedly

    We are completely transparent and our payment model is simple. You get an invoice immediately for the first term of your subscription and then again when the term is over. You can cancel at any time from your settings page.

  • What if I have a question or find a bug?

    We have a Discord community that most of our students join after they start a course. There are tons of people there who can help, and I usually fix reported bugs within a day.