Learning to code can be complicated.

We make it simple.

Qvault is a one-stop-shop for programming courses and articles. We focus on keeping you motivated, engaged, and learning by offering free content through achievements and rewards.

We hand-craft a manageable list of high-quality courses, while other platforms barrage their users with spammy user-created content. There’s no reason for you to sift through thousands of “Intro to Coding” courses. We make sure that we have the best one.


Practical Cryptography Course
Devs with cryptography experience earn more

Practical Cryptography is built for developers who want to learn the fundamentals that underpin the security of applications. This course will help you build and understand secure digital systems.

Go Mastery Qvault Course
Go Mastery

Go Mastery was created for engineers who want to take their career to the next level. Go devs are the second most well-paid developers out of all the programming languages!

Basic Intro to Coding Course


Basic Intro to Coding

Never written code before? No problem! This JavaScript course teaches one of the most popular languages in a way that absolute beginners can digest.

Level-Up Your Coding Career

Developers that have certificates and course material under their belt are more likely to land interviews and get amazing job offers. Qvault makes it easy to learn new languages and technologies right in the browser, and all certificates on Qvault are free forever.

Our Difference

Many of our competitors are open platforms where anyone can create and monetize a course. As a result, these platforms are packed with thousands of courses that all cover the same content. It’s impossible for their users to find good content without doing extensive research. It’s a waste of time and money – two things that most students don’t have.

We hand-craft each of our courses and update them often. We only maintain one course of any given kind, making it easy for you to find the best course for the subject you’re trying to learn.

Code In the Browser

Grouping students together in classes and forcing them to progress collectively is an artifact of the past. Timed-tests and due dates don’t exist in Qvault.

Courses Feel Like Games

Learning online should feel like a game, not a chore. We use a rewards system for unlocking free content, and those rewards and achievements help our users stay motivated and engaged.

Mastery-Based Learning

Hands-on is king when learning to code. Our courses are made up of coding assignments that can be completed right in the browser, even in backend languages like Go.