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Job-Winning Computer Science Courses

Why Qvault?

Boot camp graduates and self-taught developers have flooded the job market with thousands of entry-level developers. It’s now harder to find junior-level jobs, and you’ll hit a career ceiling quickly if you never learned computer science fundamentals.

We’ll get you a university-quality computer science education for a fraction of the time and cost.

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Move up in your career

The #1 complaint we hear from employers is that bootcamp graduates and self-taught coders lack computer science knowledge. Qvault puts computer science, not just coding, front and center in our curriculum.

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Earn more

If you don't have a CS education, it can be hard to compete with others for management and senior engineering positions. Move your career forward by picking up algorithms, data structures, and theory concepts.

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Higher chance of success

One of the biggest problems with other eLearning platforms is students losing motivation. Our courses feel like games, and by doing well and staying engaged you unlock free content along the way!

We Now Have Over 2,000 Students Learning with Us

I love how simple it is to find relevant courses on Qvault. As soon as I logged in, I answered a few questions about my career goals and I was recommended a course (Go Interview Prep) that was perfect for my situation.
Ignasio Contreras Testimonial
Ignacio Contreras
Engineer - Guanajuato, Mexico
As an employer, it's important for me to find engineers that understand the core principles of computer science. I need employees who've been exposed to all kinds of data structures and algorithms. Qvault provides those courses in a way that makes it easy to learn and get ahead.
jacob jenne testimonial
Jacob Jenne​
CTO at Nuvi - Utah, USA
I just finished both of Qvault's "Basic Intro to Coding" courses. I now feel much more confident in my JavaScript skills. I found the courses very easy to follow, and engaging enough to stick with.
Saul Silva Testimonial
Saúl Silva​
CS Student - Mexico

Developer Profiles & Free Certificates

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Qvault automatically generates a public profile page to show off your coursework and achievements. You can customize your space and link directly to it on your resumes and job-seeking profiles.

Your developer profile is your proof of completion, and all of your certificates are 100% free.

Popular Courses

Big-O Algorithms

Big-O Algorithms is perfect for engineers who need a refresher on computer science basics, want to learn how to speed up their programs, or never went through a formal course at all.

Big-O Data Structures

The sequel to Big-O Algorithms, this Pythonic course will shed career-changing light on complex topics such as linked lists, binary and red/black trees, hashmaps and graphs.

Intro to Functional Programming

Built to demonstrate the importance of functional concepts, and will teach you to implement functional styles in your code.

Basic Intro to Coding

Never written code before? No problem! This JavaScript course teaches one of the most popular languages in a way that absolute beginners can digest.

Practical Cryptography

Practical Cryptography is built for developers who want to learn the fundamentals that underpin the security of applications. This course will help you build and understand secure digital systems.

Go Mastery

Go Mastery was created for engineers who want to take their career to the next level. Go developers are the second most well-paid in the industry.

Go Interview Prep

For anyone who wants to practice and prepare for a Go developer job, either now or in the future.