The Proper Use of Pointers in Go (golang)

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Go has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in my local area. It has been consistently displacing other backend languages like Ruby, Python, C# and Java. Go is wanted for its simplicity, explicitness, speed, and low memory consumption. Many developers that are new to the language, or new to a language that can handle … Read more

Thinking about Recursion: How to Recursively Traverse JSON Objects and the Filesystem

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I work primarily on application-level programs, so I tend to not use recursion very often. However, every now and then I need a function that is best solved recursively. It is important to be able to recognize when a problem is best solved recursively, and to be able to write it when the time comes. … Read more

How to Create a Bitcoin Savings Wallet Using Qvault and Sentinel

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DEPRECATED NOTICE This article will remain live for historic purposes, but the Qvault password manager is a deprecated project. Qvault and Samourai’s Sentinel are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting a secure and easy solution for Bitcoin savings. Why? A watch-only wallet is perfect for users who want a high-security savings account. It … Read more

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Your Identity, Only Your Knowledge

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When you make a withdrawal at a bank, pay taxes, or get a license you must prove who you are. The process of proving who you are is a very “human” process. The authority checks your ID and ensures the picture looks like you, which allows them to trust that you are the person who’s … Read more