How Percolate Queries in Elasticsearch Make Alerting a Breeze

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Once upon a time, a company I worked for had a problem: We had thousands of messages flowing through our data pipeline each second, and we want to be able to send email and SMS alerts to ours users when messages matching specific criteria were seen. The first attempt at an alerting system utilized PipelineDB. … Read more

Benchmarking Array Traversal in Javascript – Going Backwards is Fastest

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There are many ways to traverse an array in Javascript. In this benchmark, we will look at five different ways and the pros and cons of each. Keep in mind that these benchmarks were run in a Chrome browser on Codepen. Results will vary by browser/interpreter. For a working example of these benchmarks, take a … Read more

Singletons in ES6 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Singletons are fairly controversial as far as I can tell, especially in Javascript programming. Let’s take a look at what they are, when to (maybe) use them, and when not to. What is a Singleton? A singleton is a class that allows only a single instance of itself to be created and gives access to … Read more