(Very) Basic Intro to Key Derivation Functions (Argon2, Scrypt, etc)

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A key derivation function, or KDF, derives one or many secret keys from a secret value. Therefore, If you’ve ever needed to store a password in a database or create a private key from a password, you may have used a KDF. For instance, some examples of popular KDFs: Argon2 Scrypt PBKDF2 Are KDFs just … Read more

Cryptology, Cryptography, and Cryptanalysis – Get your Vocabulary Straight!


Many new developers are jumping right into coding (usually for those fat paychecks) without learning much about the history of Computer Science. People regarded Alan Turing as the father of Computer Science. He was first a cryptologist and mathematician. Then, he pioneered the field of CS in order to solve cryptological problems. In this article, … Read more

Qvault’s Lead Engineer Interviewed on “Running in Production”


Check out the following podcast: https://runninginproduction.com/podcast/6-qvault-is-an-open-source-tool-to-manage-passwords-and-crypto-keys Before I begin, I must give thanks to Nick for having me on the show! In this episode of Running in Production, I talk with Nick about how we built Qvault, an open-source password manager that specializes in cryptocurrency. Qvault uses Electron and has a Serverless component that uses Golang. … Read more

How Game Dev and Physics Constants Made Me Think About Religion

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I am an atheist and developer, I’ve found it surprising how often these two identities collide. I’m fascinated when something that deals with engineering directly influences my views on theism, or at least makes me consider new ideas. When building a game engine, even the most basic one, it becomes apparent that certain constants must … Read more

The Theistic Irreducible Complexity Argument Debunked Using… Computer Science?

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Many creationists and theists invoke the argument of irreducible complexity in an attempt to discount the theory of evolution. Therefore, what is irreducible complexity? Irreducible complexity (IC) involves the idea that certain biological systems cannot evolve by successive small modifications to pre-existing functional systems through natural selection.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irreducible_complexity According to the theistic argument dealing with … Read more