Is Open-Source Cryptography Really Secure?

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter The purpose of cryptography is to keep information private, and the purpose of open-source is to make code public… So we shouldn’t open source our cryptography algorithms right? I’ve been asked this several times by multiple people so I figured it is a subject worth addressing. Many developers seem to … Read more

Hashing Passwords – Python Cryptography Examples


By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Building a from-scratch server or using a lightweight framework is empowering. With that power comes responsibility, specifically the responsibility to securely store user’s passwords. Can I Store Passwords In Plain Text? To demonstrate the potential dangers, let us assume we DON’T hash passwords on a fake example website, LoveMatchingToday. Inevitably … Read more

Why is Exclusive Or (XOR) Important in Cryptography?

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If you are getting into cryptography, or just trying to understand the fundamentals, you may have noticed that the exclusive-or operation is used quite often, especially in ciphers. What is XOR (⊕)? XOR, or “exclusive or” operates on binary data. It returns true if both of its inputs are opposites (one false and one true), … Read more

JavaScript With Statement Explained – A Deep Dive

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By @wagslane (twitter) Let’s look at the JavaScript with statement. We will go over the simple uses, as well as a deep dive into some more advanced concepts. Note: Use of the with statement is discouraged. It can lead to strange bugs. That said, it is important to understand how it works because it may exist in … Read more

JavaScript vs Java – Differences, Similarities, and History

By @wagslane (twitter) Java and JavaScript confuse many new programmers. They sound so similar, so one might think they have the same use-cases, or maybe the same company created both languages. Neither of those assumptions is true! Let’s go over the differences and history in this quick read. Java – Brief History In 1991, James Gosling of … Read more

JavaScript Map Function Explained – A Deep Dive

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We are going to walk through the JavaScript map function. I’ll explain how it works in a simple way. Later in the article, we will do a deep dive into some more advanced concepts regarding the map function and its uses. Map Function Syntax From Mozilla’s definition: The Array object’s map method takes a function … Read more

Top 10 Online Crypto Communities 2020


Crypto is still rapidly growing in 2020, and while the hype train has somewhat left the station, we are sure it will be back. In the meantime, it’s a good opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals and technology that support decentralized money. These communities can certainly help tremendously. #1 BITCOINTALK Bitcointalk is undoubtedly … Read more

Logging for Gophers – Idiomatic Log Strategies in Go (Golang)

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In this article, I’m going to cover some rules of thumb for logging in go, as well as some functions you may not have heard of that can make your debugging life easier. Rule #1 – Use Errors Where Appropriate, Not Strings Go has a built-in error type, which allows developers to easily differentiate errors … Read more

Cryptography Trends And News Going Into 2020

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Quantum Computing Quantum computing may not be coming quite as fast as some in the field had certainly feared (or perhaps hoped). Google did, however, solve an impressive problem this year. They published a paper in Nature. It stated that their quantum processor solved a problem that, in contrast, a digital computer would take 10,000 … Read more