How To Build JWT’s in Go (Golang)

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Go is becoming very popular for backend web development, and JWT’s are one of the most popular ways to handle authentication on API requests. In this article, we are going to go over the basics of JWT’s and how to implement a secure authentication strategy in Go! What is a … Read more

How Do Brute-Force Attackers Know They Found The Key?

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Brute force attackers guess passwords, passphrases, and private keys in an attempt to eventually get the right answer and crack the security of a system. They systematically guess every combination. For example, if they were guessing telephone numbers in the US: The question is, how do they know when they … Read more

AES-256 Cipher – Python Cryptography Examples

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Need to encrypt some text with a password or private key in Python? You certainly came to the right place. AES-256 is a solid symmetric cipher that is commonly used to encrypt data for oneself. In other words, the same person who is encrypting the data is typically decrypting it … Read more

Will Banning Cryptography Keep the Country Safe?

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Politicians in the United States have been claiming recently that end-to-end encryption is certainly too dangerous to permit. This movement is serious. Congress even introduced a bill that would remove the protections that we currently have that allow us to legally encrypt information. Lindsey Graham is one such proponent of … Read more

How To Cache Images – React Native Expo (Managed)

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By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Caching images in React Native can be easy, even if you are using Expo’s managed workflow. The problem many devs run into is that React Native only supports caching images on IOS out of the box. Other popular community packages that work on Android contain native code, and as such … Read more