Free Coding Courses – Refer a Friend

We think learning is better with friends! For every person you invite to join, you’ll both earn some free gems which you can immediately use to purchase coding courses. As soon as your friend signs up, we’ll credit each of your accounts with, at the time of writing, 150 gems.

How to Invite Friends

Follow these steps to refer your friends directly from the app.

  1. Login to Qvault
  2. Click the Store tab on the left
  3. Click “Invite friends, get free gems” from the bullet list
  4. Copy your unique invite link and share it with as many friends as you want
  5. When friends sign up, you’ll both receive free gems

What are gems?

True to our goal to gamify the experience of computer science education, we’ve implemented a popular feature that many videogames take advantage of, virtual currency. Qvault’s gem economy allows us to easily reward our users with digital money as they refer friends, unlock achievements, and complete exercises. Those digital gems then are used by students to purchase courses on the platform.

Qvault Gems

Gems are required in order to buy courses on the platform, but you can buy gems with real money so don’t worry if you run out of gems.

Real money $$$ -> gems -> courses

Which Courses are Available?

All of our courses are unlocked using gems, so all of them! The more friends you invite, the more free gems and courses you’ll get. Here are a few examples of the courses we offer:

Thanks For Reading!

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Follow and hit us up on Twitter @q_vault if you have any questions or comments, and if we’ve made a mistake be sure to let us know so we can get it corrected!

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