About Qvault

Our goal is to provide an all-in-one, affordable, career-focused CS program. By being a content creator and not a marketplace, we are achieving that goal.

Our Story


When my wife started learning computer science basics, she experienced many difficulties due to confusing platforms, not knowing where to start, and being too technically inexperienced for pure self-study with textbooks and free lectures.

As a traditional computer science graduate from university, it took me longer than I should have needed to understand what she was going through, but once I was able to put myself in her shoes, we decided this was a problem worth solving.​

It’s hard to keep going.​

40% of college students drop out before receiving a degree, and we find those numbers unacceptable. We’ve spent a lot of time working on the motivation problem, and we’ve found that gamifying the learning experience goes a long way to helping our students finish strong.

We’ve built an achievements and gem system that gives students in-app awards by staying engaged and doing well in their course work.

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Schools and bootcamps are too expensive.​

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The average total cost of public college in the USA is between $25,290 and $40,940. Even coding bootcamps that cut corners in order to get students out the door faster can cost around half of that amount.

Qvault’s goal is to give students a complete computer science undergraduate education for (at most) a couple hundred dollars.

By meeting our goal, students will spend around 1% of what they would at a university or Bootcamp, and the education they receive will be so much more useful and applicable than what’s taught at boot camps.

Our Team​

Lane Wagner Profile

Lane Wagner – Author and Founder​

I’m Lane! I’ve always been interested in technical education, but I’ve finally pulled the trigger and started working on it. I’ve been a part of quite a few software projects, from low-level hardware solutions up to highly scalable cloud architectures. I’ve been building Qvault and writing coding courses since May of 2020.​

zulie rane portrait

Zulie Rane – Author​

Hey, I’m Zulie! I’m a freelance writer and coding aficionado. I’ve had coding-related jobs in the past, but today I stick to writing about programming and coding the odd bot or script for fun. I’ve been writing blog posts on Qvault since November 2020.​

Breanna Wagner Profile

Breanna Wagner – First Student & QA​

I’m Breanna, and I happen to also be married to Lane! I’m (recently) a mom, a CS student, and an aspiring #WomenOfTech. I spend a lot of time in Qvault helping to build the roadmap for the product and regularly tests the application for bugs and issues. I enjoys fantasy novels, buying stuff for our new daughter, and jigsaw puzzles. Lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles.​