About Us

Our Story

Phase One of the Digital Age empowered us, but in Phase Two our personal data is now a target for exploitation, and not only by criminals. Most people don't have a bulletproof system for securely storing their sensitive information.

While commercial password management apps are easy to use, they also are closed-source, which means their inner workings are not subject to inspection by the public. If you rely on those apps, you are putting your trust in a company with no one verifying that they are on your side.

Qvault has the design and usability of commercial solutions, while offering the privacy, security and transparency that can only be accomplished through an open-source architecture.

Open-source is the new standard for security in the Digital Age… and Qvault is a leader in this field.

Our Mission

  • To be the most user friendly open source password manager
  • To be secure enough for data as sensitive as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency keys
  • To offer the most effective recovery options. Loss is just as bad as theft.

Our Team


Lane Wagner

Lane has a degree in Computer Science and an interest in cryptography. Lane leads app development and oversees the security critical components of Qvault.

Twitter: @wagslane

Github: lane-c-wagner


DJ Shott

DJ is Qvault's UI/UX and product designer. He has more than 12 years in the industry and has worked for companies known for beautful designs such as Apple and Motivate Design.


Preston Wagner

Preston is a full-stack engineer specializing in Vue.js and Python. Preston has a degree in Computer Science from Dixie State University.

Github: preston-wagner


Kenneth Reid

Kenneth is a serial entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He coaches financial traders and oversees the business and legal side of Qvault.

LinkedIn: kenneth-reid-phd