Affiliates – Earn Money by Promoting CS Education

We’ve had many of our readers and students reach out to inquire about how they can help educate others and share Qvault’s mission, and now we have a simple scalable solution! Now anyone who has a social following, blog, or Youtube channel can make money by helping others find their path to a CS education!

If you’re interested in promoting computer science education and don’t mind making some money as well then become a Qvault affiliate partner now. The idea is simple, you get a special referral link. Anytime someone buys a subscription on Qvault that you referred, you’re paid 50% of the sale directly via PayPal.

Earn 50% on every sale.

We offer some of the most competitive affiliate rates because we’ve put so much work into keeping our costs as low as possible. When we win you win! Because Qvault operates at a subscription level, you’ll earn 50% of all the subscription payments for a year after referring someone.

Get up and running in seconds.

It’s as easy as creating a Rewardful account using our link. They’ll provide you a link to Qvault’s landing page that you can share and you’re ready to go! There are no catches, no hidden fees, and no subscription costs. Give it a shot, at worst you’ll lose 5 minutes of your time.

Promote content you know your audience will love.

We wouldn’t want anyone to promote Qvault if they don’t absolutely love what we’re building. If you have a dev blog, tweet about tech stuff, or just have an online following you’re looking to monetize then we’d love to have you as a partner.

If you have any feedback for us on how we can improve the content or student experience we want to know! Check out our contact page for more details.

What does Qvault sell?

We sell pro subscriptions. Pro subscriptions allow students to get instant feedback on their coding assignments, unlock certifications, and earn achivements.

How often am I paid?

Payouts are made during the first week of each month. At that time we pay all commissions that were earned at least 30 days prior, and we do this simply to avoid issues with refunds.

For example, if you referred $600 worth of subscription payments on January 25th, you would receive payment via PayPal of $300 during the first week of March. If you referred $250 worth of subscription payments on February 3rd, you would receive a payout of $125 on April 1st.

Are taxes withheld?

No, you’re going to need to report your own earnings to whatever tax authority you are beholden to. If you make more than $600 in a calendar year we will reach out and require that you fill out a 1099-MISC form, or if you are outside the US we’ll need a W-8BEN signed.

How to place links – creatives and assets

Feel free to use your affiliate link in the way you think is best for your audience. That can mean just dropping the link directly at the beginning or end of a blog post, setting up a banner on your site, or even just adding it to a social profile. Below you’ll find some assets and creatives you can use as well if you choose to help promote your link.

Qvault Logo
Qvault Logo
qvault social banner
Go Mastery Course
Go Mastery Course
Go Interview Prep Course
Go Interview Prep Course
Intro to Functional Programming Course
Intro to FP Course
Practical Cryptography Course
Practical Cryptography Course
Big-O Algorithms Course
Algorithms Course
Big-O Data Structures Course
Data Structures Course
Intro to Coding in JavaScript Course
Intro to Coding Course
Qvault Gems
Qvault Gems