Top 8 Benefits of Functional Programming

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Functional programming is a way to writing code where programs are created strictly through functions. Functional programming has gained quite a bit of traction in recent years among the development community, mostly because of the benefits it provides. Functional programming is a declarative way to write provably correct code. Function definitions are expressions that simply map inputs to outputs, rather than a … Read more

Top 8 Tricks to Learn Coding Fast

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The journey to becoming a gainfully-employed software engineer can feel long. The good news is, you can learn smarter not harder. Apply these eight tricks and you’ll be learning to program a lot faster than the average bear. There are no shortcuts. Learn the basics first Don’t watch YouTube videos Learn by doing. Hands-on courses … Read more

What Do Computer Scientists Do?

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At work, computer scientists build and deploy programs, algorithms, and systems to solve real-world problems. In most tech jobs, they spend the majority of their time working in teams on new software products. Some computer scientists are more research-oriented however, and may spend time developing new algorithms or pushing the boundaries of what academia knows … Read more

Is There a Case for Programmers to Unionize?

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I’ve seen a lot of buzz recently about software developers wanting to form unions. I’m particularly interested in this topic as the founder of Qvault, where my goal is to provide a university-quality CS education at dinner-and-a-movie prices. I also want to point out that at the time of writing I’m a full-time software developer … Read more

7 Critical Reasons Beginners Should Learn Go in 2021

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Why learn Golang, and especially why learn Golang as a beginner coder? There are many good reasons why learning Golang is a popular idea altogether – StackOverflow’s 2020 Developer survey saw it climb in popularity among developers from 10th in 2019 all the way to 5th in 2020. A full 32% of developers surveyed in … Read more

The Pros and Cons of DRY Code

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Clean code is like clean garbage – it’s only clean if it doesn’t exist. In other words, the only clean code is no code. Let’s start with an acknowledgment that a perfectly clean (empty) codebase is useless. With that in mind, our pursuit of clean code will necessarily consist of tradeoffs. We’ll trade usefulness for … Read more

The Benefits of Gamified Learning


Why was that adjustment to college classes so hard? Sitting through hours of lectures and PowerPoints can be challenging for even the most dedicated students. When it comes to online learning, many options are structured similarly. The main difference between college and online courses is that with online platforms you’re watching a recorded lecture which … Read more

Building an NLP Engine Is Hard, but Not as Hard as Defining Terms

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In my full-time role at Nuvi, I’ve been lucky enough to work on a team where we’re able to push the boundaries in the natural language processing field. We built out several different “facets” that we score text on, including sentiment, emotion, vulgarity, tense, and currently, we’re working on promotion detection. While the technical side … Read more

The 8 Crucial Mistakes Holding You Back From Getting a Programming Job

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If you’re reading this article, you’re well aware of the great benefits that come with a programming job – high salaries for programmers, an expanding job market, exciting opportunities.  You’re also aware that employers are increasingly desperate for seasoned, qualified, talented programmers. DAXX blog writes that in 2020, while there are 1.4 million unfulfilled jobs, … Read more