Backend Developers are UX Designers Too

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Too often I neglect the idea of UX design in backend work. The goal of user experience design is to give users a product that’s easy to use. In the world of front-end development, that typically means making it obvious how to navigate your site, using commonly-understood icons, or implementing well-contrasted colors for foreground and … Read more

All the Ways to Write for Loops in Go

loop architecture

A for loop executes a block of code repeatedly, and in Golang, there are several different ways to write one. The standard three-component loop For-range loop Range over slice Range over map Range over channel Range over string While loop Optional components loop Infinite loop Break from a loop Continue (skip to the next iteration) … Read more

Naming Variables the Right Way

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I’ve noticed that more and more often that bugs introduced into an existing codebase are due to the poor naming of variables way more often than I think you would expect. Someone uses a rateLimit variable expecting it to be denominated in seconds but instead, it’s in minutes, resulting in a wildly different polling schedule. … Read more

Where Can You Get a Programming Certificate Online?

get a programming certificate online

There are two main options to get a programming certificate online – online courses and universities. There are two ways to get a programming certificate online – universities and online courses. In the simplest possible terms, a programming certificate is something that lets you walk up to an employer and say, “Hello, yes, I know … Read more