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Your Code isn’t Correct


There is a common trap that we fall into as developers, and it is believing that because some code “worked” that the code was written “correctly”. In reality, for most technical problems, a good developer can likely point out several different solutions. Any of those solutions might be perfectly reasonable, while none of them is …

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Coding Interviews – Why you shouldn’t give homework


A while back I went through the interview process at a company I won’t name here. The first interview was basically just a phone screen, where I was able to chat with my would-be manager about things like compensation range, tech stack, work duties, etc. It went well! The guy was delightful. I moved on …

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Python vs C++: The Best Language To Learn For You

PythonvsC 1 1

It’s either a blessing or a curse when choosing to learn Python or C++ because there couldn’t be two more opposing languages to compare. On the one side, we have Python, a high-level, multiparadigm, general-purpose language most known for its strength and security, and on the other, C++, a high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose language, which is …

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PHP vs JavaScript: Choosing the Best Language for Beginners, Web Development, and More!


When comparing programming languages, it’s not often that you come across two that actually work well together, but that happens to be the case when it comes to PHP and JavaScript. Now I should mention these aren’t just programming languages, but more specifically they are scripting languages. Scripting languages are a subset of all programming …

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Node.js vs JavaScript: The Low-Down

nodejs vs javascript

So you’re a fan of web development? Great! You’re probably already familiar with JavaScript (if not, check out our JavaScript course here) and may have heard of Node.js as well. But which one is better, and how are they different? When should you pick Node.js vs JavaScript? To be clear, there isn’t really a decision …

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Ruby vs JavaScript: Which Language Should You Learn First?

ruby vs javascript

When broken down into core features – like programming style and code execution – JavaScript and Ruby seem deceivingly similar, but there are a few constitutional differences. One being that JavaScript has always been about furthering technology. Before JS, there was only HTML and CSS, which instructed and described how a web page should work …

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The Best Product Managers Have The Worst Ideas

bad idea

It’s hard finding good product people. That fact is really a tragedy because they are probably the most important part of any product-focused organization. I think there is a misconception in the software industry that product managers have a good sense of “what users want”, “what the next feature should be” or “ux design”. In …

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Ruby vs Python: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Choose


A ruby is a beautiful red gemstone; a python is a beautiful green snake. Aside from that, they’re both very popular programming languages. They’re popular for different reasons, and they’re good at different things. Before you choose between Ruby vs. Python, make sure you ask yourself these 10 questions. While I’m more familiar with Python …

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