Why Learn Python? 9 Key Reasons

why learn python

Simple to learn, endlessly versatile, and perennially in demand by employers paying higher and higher salaries every year — it feels like there’s a million reasons to learn Python.  I mean, what’s not to love about being a Python programmer? With a good set of Python skills you can work in data science, machine learning, …

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Our Python Fundamentals Course Has Released

python fundamental new course news

We’ve just launched our latest course, Python Fundamentals. What’s more: to celebrate the release, we’re offering full FREE access to the entire course — yep, you can take the entire course for free for a month — but the code expires in just 14 days. Simply enter this code at checkout: YAYPYTHON Featuring more than …

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What is Go Good For? (And What Is Golang Used For?)

what is go good for and used for golang

In 2007, frustrated by some of C++’s inefficiencies and overcomplicated nature, and desiring a programming language designed specifically for multi-core processors and effectively managing large projects, three Google engineers, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, designed the Go language. The goal was to build an improved C++ that was much easier to use — …

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