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The Best Ways To Get a Programming Job with No Experience

Get a Programming Job with No Experience

It sounds like a pipe dream. A well-paid programming job, with no experience? Get out of town. Well, as it turns out, it’s both just about as difficult as you believe, but probably easier than you think. As with most things, the main obstacle standing in the way of you getting a programming job with …

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The History of Computer Science – A Timeline

History of Computer Science in Clock Form

Prehistory For as long as humans have needed to count, they have endeavored to find ways to make that process simpler. The abacus, first invented in Sumer sometime between 2700 and 2300 BCE, was more a rudimentary counting assistant than an actual computer. It did, however, represent the first stride humans took towards using tools …

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Should You Learn Computer Information Systems or Computer Science?

This image displays a common Computer Science and Computer Information Systems desktop layout.

As technology continues to advance, the need for professionals who are capable of utilizing and understanding computers continues to grow. This demand creates a strong job market, with excellent pay and exclusive opportunities. However, there are two fields of study when it comes to working with this technology: Computer Information Systems and Computer Science. Both …

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Examples of Heuristics in Computer Science

This image shows how heuristics impact everyday life and computer science.

Heuristics in computer science and artificial intelligence are “rules of thumb” used in algorithms to assist in finding approximate solutions to complex problems. Often, there’s simply too much data to sift through in order to come to a solution in a timely manner, so a heuristic algorithm is used to trade exactness for speed. However, …

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