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Ruby vs Python: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Choose

a ruby python

A ruby is a beautiful red gemstone; a python is a beautiful green snake. Aside from that, they’re both very popular programming languages. They’re popular for different reasons, and they’re good at different things. Before you choose between Ruby vs. Python, make sure you ask yourself these 10 questions. While I’m more familiar with Python …

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17 Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners

pexels tatiana syrikova 3975590

JavaScript is one of those things that if you’re not a programmer you’ll touch a thousand times every single day, but never know you’re doing it. It’s everywhere! JavaScript makes interactive web pages. That’s it. But it’s one of the most highly sought-after programming languages, with one of the highest salaries. It’s ubiquitous, so it’s …

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17 Fascinating Python Projects for Beginners

a green python looks sideways to the left

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love Python, and that I believe one of the best ways to learn Python is by finding an awesome project you care about to work on. There’s nothing more stimulating than passion and curiosity, and that makes the best projects for Python beginners usually something a …

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Matlab vs Python: 9 Comparisons For Which Language is Best for You

Matlab vs Python

Matlab and Python both can do quite different and incredible things, which makes Matlab versus Python an interesting question. The better question is more nuanced. When considering Matlab vs Python, which is best for you?  If you’re learning computer science online with any language, you’re already in a great place. Coding is a hugely valuable …

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9 Outstanding Reasons to Learn Python for Finance

image for the article: python for finance shows a hand putting money in a piggy bank.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the finance sector for your career and you stumble across this article, you may be wondering, “How can Python help in finance?” You, like me, may be surprised to learn that you should learn to code altogether – and even more surprised to learn that the best …

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10 Compelling Reasons to Learn Python for Data Science

image of a python set against a black background

Read this if you don’t know where to start learning data science Data science is a vast field with tons of entry points, depending on where and how you want to start. I started learning basic data science with a language called R, until I ran into one of its many limitations. Python has definitely …

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16 Great Coding Challenges You Can Try Out

cutoff image of a woman stretching in blue yoga pants.

Coding challenges are a fun way to improve your coding quickly. When I started to learn coding in school, coding challenges were the furthest thing from my mind. In fact, I was struck with one particular issue: I didn’t really want to learn to code. I didn’t care enough about coding. I didn’t care about …

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Golang vs Python: 6 Questions to Decide Which Programming Language is Best For You

golang vs python: this image shows a white man with a Gopher image superimposed on his face squaring up to box woth a Black man with a Python logo superimposed over his face.

These two coding languages duke it out – but who’s the winner? Question Tentative Winner Brief historic description of Golang vs Python – Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for beginners? Python Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for experienced coders? Go Golang vs Python: Which language is best for a …

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