16 Great Coding Challenges You Can Try Out

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Coding challenges are a fun way to improve your coding quickly. When I started to learn coding in school, coding challenges were the furthest thing from my mind. In fact, I was struck with one particular issue: I didn’t really want to learn to code. I didn’t care enough about coding. I didn’t care about …

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Golang vs Python: 6 Questions to Decide Which Programming Language is Best For You

golang vs python: this image shows a white man with a Gopher image superimposed on his face squaring up to box woth a Black man with a Python logo superimposed over his face.

These two coding languages duke it out – but who’s the winner? Question Tentative Winner Brief historic description of Golang vs Python – Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for beginners? Python Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for experienced coders? Go Golang vs Python: Which language is best for a …

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Where Can You Get a Programming Certificate Online?

get a programming certificate online

There are two main options to get a programming certificate online – online courses and universities. There are two ways to get a programming certificate online – universities and online courses. In the simplest possible terms, a programming certificate is something that lets you walk up to an employer and say, “Hello, yes, I know …

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7 Ways for Beginner Coders to Monetize Programming Blogs

woman monetizing her programming blog

Why shouldn’t your hobby earn you money? Programming is a very lucrative skill to have, whether as a professional career, a freelance gig, or even just a hobby. For programmers who know how, there’s a real opportunity to turn their knowledge and expertise into cold hard cash.  When you combine the ability to program or …

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The 8 Crucial Mistakes Holding You Back From Getting a Programming Job

man frustrated because he can't get a programming job

If you’re reading this article, you’re well aware of the great benefits that come with a programming job – high salaries for programmers, an expanding job market, exciting opportunities.  You’re also aware that employers are increasingly desperate for seasoned, qualified, talented programmers. DAXX blog writes that in 2020, while there are 1.4 million unfulfilled jobs, …

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The 8 Most Popular Coding Languages of 2021

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And more importantly, how to choose the most popular coding language you should learn. How can you decide what the most popular coding language is? It’s like trying to pick the most popular ice cream flavor – everyone has a favorite. The truth is that different coders prefer different coding languages for different reasons, and …

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Guide to Getting a Certificate in Computer Science in 2021

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There are so many reasons to want to get a certificate in computer science in 2021, especially when you compare it to alternatives like getting a degree or attending a coding bootcamp. While computer science certificates take time and sometimes money to complete, they still accomplish the same aim as degrees and bootcamps: to show …

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