7 Critical Reasons Beginners Should Learn Go in 2021

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Why learn Golang, and especially why learn Golang as a beginner coder? There are many good reasons why learning Golang is a popular idea altogether – StackOverflow’s 2020 Developer survey saw it climb in popularity among developers from 10th in 2019 all the way to 5th in 2020. A full 32% of developers surveyed in … Read more

The 8 Crucial Mistakes Holding You Back From Getting a Programming Job

man frustrated because he can't get a programming job

If you’re reading this article, you’re well aware of the great benefits that come with a programming job – high salaries for programmers, an expanding job market, exciting opportunities.  You’re also aware that employers are increasingly desperate for seasoned, qualified, talented programmers. DAXX blog writes that in 2020, while there are 1.4 million unfulfilled jobs, … Read more

Guide to Getting a Certificate in Computer Science in 2021

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There are so many reasons to want to get a certificate in computer science in 2021, especially when you compare it to alternatives like getting a degree or attending a coding bootcamp. While computer science certificates take time and sometimes money to complete, they still accomplish the same aim as degrees and bootcamps: to show … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Certificate or a Diploma in Computer Science in 2021?

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When I was looking into getting my first job related to programming, I had no idea what the difference between a certificate and a diploma was. I was terrified that I’d have to go back to school and spend 2-4 years getting a degree in computer science before an employer would even blink in my … Read more

Why So Many Coding Students Struggle Getting a Job After Coding Bootcamp

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Imagine, like so many folks, that you decide what you want to study when you’re just 18. You go to college, finish a four-year degree in mechanical engineering, and then realize what you actually want to do is get a job in coding. There are tons of benefits – pay, flexibility, personal satisfaction. It’s a … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Code?

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Code

There are so many obvious reasons to learn to code: freelancing opportunities, career advancement, salary increase, and personal satisfaction among others. The advantages are so many that it’s worth the investment, no matter how many obstacles you might encounter. One such obstacle is the common misunderstanding about how long it takes to learn to code. … Read more