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Why should you learn JavaScript?

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JavaScript is the world’s most popular coding language, and has been for the last 8 years. It’s super versatile, powers 94.5% of all web pages, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

JavaScript makes web pages dynamic, is used to design web, desktop and mobile apps, is used in game development, and for building web servers and back-end infrastructure. Whatever your goals, JavaScript has you covered.

Stack Overflow’s 2020 report on JavaScript:

$112,000 average salary

World’s most popular programming language

Top 10 most loved language by coders

We love JavaScript because it is:

Versatile — Web development, web apps, mobile apps… the world is your oyster with JavaScript

Popular — 94.5% of web pages use JavaScript

Attractive to employers72% of companies are looking for a JavaScript developer

Still not sold on JavaScript? Check out all 7 reasons why you should learn JavaScript this year.

Learn JavaScript with Qvault

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Over 100 lessons covering everything from variables, comparisons, functions, arrays, loops, and objects.

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Lectures are comfortable but don’t get you the interactive coding skills you need.

Each of our lessons features interactive coding challenges or multiple-choice questions.

Fun, gamified learning at your pace

Complete coding challenges as if you were making your own game.

Browser-based. No downloads. No deadlines. Become a JavaScript programmer, at your own pace.

An Intro To Coding Course with Certificates

Every course you complete in the Qvault app comes with a downloadable certificate you can share online or attach to a CV. You can even link to your portfolio page so any recruiters can see every course you complete all in one place, like a computer science trophy cabinet.

Why our students think we’ve got the best JavaScript course

Saul Silva Testimonial

Saul Silva

Student – Mexico

I just finished both of Qvault’s “Basic Intro to Coding” courses. I now feel much more confident in my JavaScript skills. I found the courses very easy to follow, and engaging enough to stick with.

What you’ll learn in our online JavaScript course

  • What JavaScript is, what it’s used for, and basic JS code logging with console.log
  • Comparisons, if statements, and booleans
  • Loops, and how you’d use them in real life situations
  • Arrays, counting, .length(), .push(), and .pop() methods
  • Functions and scope, with coding challenges like creating your own Fahrenheit to Celsius calculator
  • Objects and nesting properties within them, how they mutate, and keys
  • A set of tough end-of-course challenges, testing all the JavaScript skills you’ve gained so far
  • Gamified learning as you create your own basic game, step by step

Intro to JavaScript 1 – Course Contents

Chapter 1: Intro

  • What is JavaScript? And what JavaScript is used for
  • Using console.log to print your first piece of code, and what “code” actually is
  • Writing multiple instructions, using multiples lines of code
  • Dealing with syntax errors

Chapter 2: Variables

  • What variables are and how they store data
  • Using variables to code parts of your own game, such as to work out player health and damage your player deals
  • Different types of variables: numbers, strings and booleans
  • Undefined variables

Chapter 3: Comparisons

  • Using <, >, =, !=, and other operators with booleans to compare values within your game
  • Increments and decrements
  • Using if statements to work out if your player survives in your game
  • If-else statements

Chapter 4: Loops

  • How for-loops are used to save time coding
  • How loops work, and using each parameter to get your output
  • Challenge: Creating your own loop to discover who is entitled to retirement based on their age

Intro to JavaScript 2 – Course Contents

Chapter 1: Arrays

  • Counting in programming
  • Accessing arrays
  • Array length with the .length() method
  • Updating arrays
  • Filling in arrays with the .push() method
  • Removing elements with the .pop() method
  • For-of syntax

Chapter 2: Functions

  • Creating basic JavaScript functions to find the area of a circle
  • Functions with multiple parameters
  • Scope and global scope within functions
  • Using Boolean logic within functions
  • Pure functions
  • Creating your own code to: calculate Fahrenheit to Celsius, convert hours to seconds, check who should be allowed to be served drinks in a bar, and find the maximum length of an array

Chapter 3: Objects

  • How objects can hold strings, numbers and booleans
  • Nesting properties inside objects
  • How objects have methods which can change the properties of their objects
  • Object property names — keys

Chapter 4: Challenges

  • Writing a function to sum all numbers from 1 to n
  • Writing functions to remove all of certain type from an array
  • Calculating the factorial of a number
  • Writing a function to calculate the area of a rectangle
  • Concatenating strings together using a function

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the difference between Basic and Pro?

A Basic account is, well, basic. You can demo Pro features on the first 6 exercises of each course (such as our JavaScript courses). But after that, if you’re on a Basic plan, you’ll only be able to read the course material and play in the code sandbox. You won’t get access to feedback on your code know if you got the right answers.

Qvault Pro has everything in Basic, plus all the advanced tools, content, solutions, and certifications that you need to make your learning faster.

A Pro account lets you practice much more efficiently by getting instant verification of all your code solutions. If you get stuck, you can use the “cheat” feature to take a look at the solution and quickly see what’s holding you up.

Additionally, one of the biggest benefits our Pro subscribers get is access to free certificates of completion when they finish a course. Showing off your work to employers is a quick way to get that high-paying tech job

For a full list of the differences between Pro and Basic, view our Pricing page.

Do you offer any discounts?

Our top priority is improving the courses, the app, and your experience — so your feedback is super valuable to us.

If you’re happy to help us keep improving our courses to be the best they can be, we’re currently offering a 25% discount to anyone who completes this feedback form. When you’re finished with the survey you’ll be given a coupon code!

Do I need to know how to code in JavaScript before signing up?

Our Intro to JavaScript course was designed for complete beginners to learn JavaScript.

The course starts from scratch, teaching you about what code is, what JavaScript is, before delving into variables and JavaScript coding.

If you have some coding experience already you may wish to start at part 2 of the course, or you may be interested in coding in a more advanced language like Go, which we teach in our Go Mastery courses.

Why should I upgrade to Qvault Pro?

I built Qvault based on the lessons I’ve been learning as a technical hiring manager, so everything we do here is designed to take you from your current level, and get you an eventual high-paying JavaScript programming job. If you’re ready to accelerate your JavaScript learning and apply your skills to real-world scenarios, then Qvault Pro is for you.

Aside from the direct benefits, if you like what we’re building here at Qvault, your support helps us improve the platform.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription if I don’t like it?

We do our best to be transparent about pricing, and never want anyone keeping a subscription they don’t use. You can cancel your subscription any time from your settings page and you won’t be billed again.

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