Learn the basics of coding in JavaScript, one of the most popular and useful languages on the planet. All of our courses let you write code directly in your web browser. We believe learning to code should be convenient. No more skipping around through video lessons and setting up proprietary software on your computer.

Code in the Browser

Unlock your development career

The majority of open developer jobs are for JavaScript opportunities. JavaScript uses simple syntax that will prepare you well for more courses and opportunities that will advance your career. This flagship introduction course is 100% JavaScript.

Coding is essential for everyone as more of the high paying jobs each year require technical skills.

  • There are more coding jobs than there are developers in the workforce
  • Most programming jobs don’t require a formal college degree
  • Developers and are better paid than most graduates in other fields of study
  • Many developers have remote work options

The best investment you can make is in yourself


1 – Intro

  • Learn about the nature of code and how it works
  • How to print and manipulate text
  • Avoiding syntax errors
  • How to store data in variables
  • How to perform mathematical operations in code

2 – Algorithms

  • Dynamic typing and programming language comparison
  • Documenting code with comments
  • Multi-variable declarations
  • Mutating variables and data
  • Loops and basic algorithms
  • Conditional statements

Part 2

Basic Intro to Coding 2

Part 2 Modules

Qvault’s introduction to programming is completed in part 2, “Basic Intro to Coding 2”. There are four additional modules:

1 – Arrays

  • Push and pop operations
  • Length and iteration exercises
  • Looping and access methods

2 – Functions

  • Pure functions and state
  • Learn about variable scoping
  • Parameters and return values
  • Function-based challenges

3 – Objects

  • Structuring data in object notation
  • Properties and keys
  • Object methods
  • Nested objects

1 – Challenges

  • Algorithmic coding challenges
  • Arrays, functions, and objects review
  • Math challenges

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