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Base64 vs Base58 Encoding

Base64 vs Base58 Encoding

Base64 is one of the most popular encoding formats for representing data. Have some binary data? Base64 encodes it for convenient readability and parsing. Base58 is just another encoding format (with 58 characters instead of 64, and has gained popularity … Read more

Top 8 Online Crypto Communities 2021

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Crypto has been explosive in 2021. The gains have been even better than the memes! While dancing cat videos are fun, the wise will also take advantage of the various communities as an opportunity to learn more about the technology … Read more

How to Secure Your Bitcoin

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If you’re new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you may have heard the common phrase not your keys not your coins. While self-custody isn’t for everyone, its the only way to truly have exclusive control over your funds. If that’s what … Read more

Trustworthy vs Trustless Apps


In the wake of the hearings about Facebook’s new Libra blockchain, it is more important than ever that we all understand the difference between trustworthy and trustless apps. A trustworthy app is an app whose developers are known and trusted … Read more