Optimize For Simplicity First

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We can’t optimize for everything in software engineering, so we need to start with something, and that something should be simple code and simple architecture. For example, to over-optimize for speed in JavaScript, we might write our for-loops backwards to the detriment of readability. I believe we should optimize for simplicity first, and only make … Read more

Using ‘Go Generate’ To Deploy Multi-Process Apps

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In microservice architectures, it is fairly common to have a project that includes different worker types. A Makefile can be used to manage the creation of multiple programs, but the Go toolchain has a great tool that can be used as well, go generate. Here are some examples of how we take advantage of ‘go … Read more

What Are Golang’s Anonymous Structs?

What are golang's anonymous structs?

An anonymous struct is just like a normal struct, but it’s defined without a name, and as such can’t be referenced elsewhere in code. Structs in Go are similar to structs in other languages like C. They have typed collections of fields, and are used to group data together in order to make it more … Read more