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PHP vs JavaScript: Choosing the Best Language for Beginners, Web Development, and More!


When comparing programming languages, it’s not often that you come across two that actually work well together, but that happens to be the case when it comes to PHP and JavaScript. Now I should mention these aren’t just programming languages, but more specifically they are scripting languages. Scripting languages are a subset of all programming …

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Node.js vs JavaScript: The Low-Down

nodejs vs javascript

So you’re a fan of web development? Great! You’re probably already familiar with JavaScript (if not, check out our JavaScript course here) and may have heard of Node.js as well. But which one is better, and how are they different? When should you pick Node.js vs JavaScript? To be clear, there isn’t really a decision …

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Ruby vs JavaScript: Which Language Should You Learn First?

ruby vs javascript

When broken down into core features – like programming style and code execution – JavaScript and Ruby seem deceivingly similar, but there are a few constitutional differences. One being that JavaScript has always been about furthering technology. Before JS, there was only HTML and CSS, which instructed and described how a web page should work …

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17 Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners

pexels tatiana syrikova 3975590

JavaScript is one of those things that if you’re not a programmer you’ll touch a thousand times every single day, but never know you’re doing it. It’s everywhere! JavaScript makes interactive web pages. That’s it. But it’s one of the most highly sought-after programming languages, with one of the highest salaries. It’s ubiquitous, so it’s …

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C# vs JavaScript: Choosing the Best Language for You

javascript vs c# sharp

JavaScript (JS), once regarded as simply a “glue language”, has gone on to become the most popular programming language in the world. First appearing in 1995, JavaScript is a high-level, dynamically typed, multiparadigm scripting language that also functions as an object-oriented programming language. JavaScript was invented as a way to hold together and automate different …

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JavaScript vs TypeScript: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

javascript vs typescript

Whether you’re new or old to the computer science community, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is TypeScript?” and if you haven’t, it won’t be long before you do. However, that question then always leads to, “but wait, what’s the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript?” – so allow me to explain. JavaScript (JS) is arguably a …

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Python vs JavaScript: Which Should You Learn First?

python vs javascript

From the outset, comparing JavaScript and Python seems a bit like comparing apples and oranges, but surprisingly there are quite a few similarities hidden beneath their popular exterior. Python is known for its simple but robust design and is favored for web and software development, as well as data work. JavaScript, on the other hand, …

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20 Entry-Level JavaScript Interview Questions To Land Your First Coding Job

javascript interview questions

Versatile, powerful and ever-present, JavaScript is the world’s most used programming language (for eight years and counting!) and shows no signs of slowing down. 94.5% of web pages use JavaScript, it’s one of the 10 most-loved programming languages, and with median salaries of $112,000 in the US, JavaScript offers a way to fast-track your way …

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Migrating From Vue-CLI & Webpack to Vitejs

Webpack and Vue to Vite

Qvault’s web app that hosts all of my coding courses is a single-page application written in Vue 2, with plans to migrate to Vue 3 soon™©®. In the meantime, I happened across a cool new tooling app called Vite that promised a few things that caught my attention. Nearly instant development server startup time Hot …

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