How to Make a Simple Vue Custom Select Component

How to Make a Simple Vue Custom Select Component

Creating a custom select tag with your own styling is notoriously difficult. Sometimes it’s impossible without building your own from scratch using a combination of styled divs and custom JavaScript. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a Vue custom select component that can be easily be styled using your own CSS. In fact, … Read more

How to Create a Custom Toggle Switch Component in Vue.js

vue toggle switch component

Custom toggle switches are a pain to code from scratch. So many lines for such a simple UI widget! In this quick tutorial, we will learn how to build a toggle switch in Vue.js, and it will be a fully encapsulated component! The component we are building is used currently on Qvault’s login page. Go … Read more

How to Rerender a Vue Route When Path Parameters Change

Paint over and rerender the wall

In single-page apps that use the Vue Router, it is common to create a path parameter that changes the behavior of a route. A common problem occurs when a user alters the path manually in the address bar. Manually changing the URL does not rerender the view! This can cause unexpected behavior because mounted() hooks … Read more

Simple Setup – Vue Linting in VS Code

eslint vscode

I’m a gopher by nature, so I expect consistent styling and linting in my codebases. More importantly though, I don’t like to think about styling. I like to type haphazardly and then have my editor apply styling automatically on save (ctrl+s, cmd+s). If you are the same way, hopefully this will help you in your … Read more