Top 4 Coding Languages To Learn For Beginners (2020)

Top 4 Coding Languages For Beginners 2020

Coding languages, tools, and frameworks are in a constant state of flux, improvement, deprecation, and popularity swings. Let’s take a look at the top 4 languages for new programmers to learn in 2020. As it happens, we support all four of the top languages on the Qvault app, and have courses for JavaScript and Go, … Read more

Running Python in the Browser with Web Assembly

Running Python in the Browser with WASM and Web Workers

We’ve been wanting to expand Qvault’s course curriculum, and one of the most requested programming languages has been Python. Because our courses allow students to write and execute code right in the web browser, we decided to look into existing projects that allow a Python interpreter to run in the browser using Web Assembly. We … Read more

Using Concurrent Subscribers – RabbitMQ in Python (pika)

rabbit and python

It’s a fairly common scenario to subscribe to a Rabbit queue and process messages before acknowledging receipt. The pika package for dealing with RabbitMQ in Python however is only single-threaded out of the box. If we want to make a network or database call before each acknowledgment our subscribers can get really slow. Waiting on … Read more

Quantum Programming 101: Superdense Coding Tutorial

Superdense coding

By Macauley Coggins What is Superdense coding ? Superdense coding is a quantum communications protocol that allows a user to send 2 classical bits by sending only 1 qubit. The Protocol Step 1: Preparing the Bell Pair First a bell pair consisting of 2 qubits is prepared. Where q0 is the senders qubit and q1 … Read more

AES-256 Cipher – Python Cryptography Examples

photo 1507680225127 6450260913c0

By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Need to encrypt some text with a password or private key in Python? You certainly came to the right place. AES-256 is a solid symmetric cipher that is commonly used to encrypt data for oneself. In other words, the same person who is encrypting the data is typically decrypting it … Read more

Hashing Passwords – Python Cryptography Examples


By Lane Wagner – @wagslane on Twitter Building a from-scratch server or using a lightweight framework is empowering. With that power comes responsibility, specifically the responsibility to securely store user’s passwords. Can I Store Passwords In Plain Text? To demonstrate the potential dangers, let us assume we DON’T hash passwords on a fake example website, LoveMatchingToday. Inevitably … Read more