View Git Tags with Semver Ordering

What is semver

If you’re like me, you wish all Git tags adhered to the Semantic Versioning standard. Unfortunately, Semver is just a convention, so Git tags can basically be any string of text. By default when you use the git tag command, your output will be in alphabetical order. Being a gopher, almost all the projects I … Read more

The Benefits of Gamified Learning


Why was that adjustment to college classes so hard? Sitting through hours of lectures and PowerPoints can be challenging for even the most dedicated students. When it comes to online learning, many options are structured similarly. The main difference between college and online courses is that with online platforms you’re watching a recorded lecture which … Read more

The 8 Most Popular Coding Languages of 2021

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And more importantly, how to choose the most popular coding language you should learn. How can you decide what the most popular coding language is? It’s like trying to pick the most popular ice cream flavor – everyone has a favorite. The truth is that different coders prefer different coding languages for different reasons, and … Read more

Top 12 Best Communities For Learning to Code

Top 12 Best Communities For Learning to Code

Programming communities are so valuable because the life of a programmer can be isolated, especially if you opt to work as a freelancer or in a remote-first position. Even if you don’t have a solitary position, getting in touch with other programmers can make it much easier to improve your own skills and learn about … Read more

How Much Do Software Engineers Make?

How Much Do Software Engineers Make?

Software engineering continues to be one of the most lucrative career paths in the tech industry. Additionally, the rewards go well beyond a high salary, corporate health insurance plans, and an increased opportunity to advance. Software engineers often receive benefits like unlimited time off, no need to find coworkers to cover shifts, lax or no … Read more

Education’s Shameful State of the Art

Education's Shameful State of the Art

Higher education had its problems before Covid-19. Now the crippling inefficiencies, backbreaking cost, and lack of alternatives are being forced into the spotlight. We’re working on what will eventually grow into the alternative to overpriced universities and ineffective Bootcamps at Qvault. In the meantime, let’s take a look at education’s biggest problems, and how we … Read more

Your Manager Can’t Code? They Shouldn’t Be Your Manager

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Managers who can’t code are an outdated artifact of corporate America circa 2005. The best managers that I’ve had spend ~80% of their time coding, architecting, or doing technical work that requires engineering experience. If your manager thinks coding and other technical is “beneath” them then they need a dose of humble pie. Your organization … Read more

An Intro to Quantum Mechanics; Google’s Claim to Quantum Supremacy

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The science that deals with the description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles is known as Quantum Mechanics. Traditional computers utilize the physics of electricity, the flow of electrons controlled by switches, to control their logic. Quantum computers rely instead on the physical properties of electrons, photons, and other tiny bits of matter … Read more