Leave Scrum to Rugby, I Like Getting Stuff Done

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Scrum is a buzzword, the virtue signal of choice for middle-management in software organizations. If your goal as a manager is to implement a system by which you: Speed up the appearance of progress Pay for 2x the number of people you need Gather fine-grained data based on meaningless metrics Then Scrum is exactly what … Read more

Quantum Programming 101: Backend Monitor

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Introduction In a previous tutorial we showed how you can get basic information on all quantum devices using backend_overview(). While this function is great to get information on all quantum devices at a glance it is not detailed on specific information such as qubit and gate errors. To get more detailed information on a quantum … Read more

How Game Dev and Physics Constants Made Me Think About Religion

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I am an atheist and developer, I’ve found it surprising how often these two identities collide. I’m fascinated when something that deals with engineering directly influences my views on theism, or at least makes me consider new ideas. When building a game engine, even the most basic one, it becomes apparent that certain constants must … Read more

Intro to Qvault

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Qvault is a new opensource password manager, with an emphasis on user experience and customization options. Many who stumble upon Qvault ask the following, “How is this different from other password managers?” In this article we explain what sets Qvault apart. 1. Open Source Many password managers that exist today do not publish their code … Read more