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Well, We Might Have a Video Call for That!


This article contains some of my thoughts on communications for distributed teams and is a response to No, we won’t have a video call for that! by Florian Hass. Read his article first if you haven’t yet, he makes some great points! I really enjoyed Florian’s article, and while we agree on a lot of …

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The Collapsing Quality of Dev.to

collapse hosue

A few years ago I found Dev.to, and was delighted by the writing experience. It felt like a platform with all the conveniences of Medium’s writing tools but wasn’t missing the features that developers need, like code blocks and markdown. I still think Dev.to probably has the best writing experience of any third-party blogging platform …

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Our Python Fundamentals Course Has Released

python fundamental new course news

We’ve just launched our latest course, Python Fundamentals. What’s more: to celebrate the release, we’re offering full FREE access to the entire course — yep, you can take the entire course for free for a month — but the code expires in just 14 days. Simply enter this code at checkout: YAYPYTHON Featuring more than …

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The 10x Meeting – Solving for Too Many Meetings

meetings on couch

Perhaps you’ve heard of the fabled 10x developer (or 10x engineer) – the one on the team that’s 10x as productive as their average colleague. While many, including myself, doubt the existence of such people, I do think there are meetings that are 10x as productive as the average meeting. My goal in this article …

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All Coding Courses on Qvault Are Now Free to Audit

Twenty dollar bill in tree

Last weekend I did a major revamp of Qvault’s payment strategy, after toying with the first version since I launched in the summer of 2020, as it turns out, the microtransaction (gem) strategy didn’t work out to the benefit of my students, nor to the growth of Qvault. As a result, I’ve flipped my funding …

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Qvault’s Refer a Friend Program

Social Friends

We think learning is better with friends! For every person you invite to join, you’ll both earn some free gems. As soon as your friend signs up, we’ll credit each of your accounts with, at the time of writing, 150 gems. How to Invite Friends Follow these steps to refer your friends directly from the …

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Earn Money While Promoting Computer Science Education

smiling man with macbook

We just launched our new affiliate partner program to give Dev bloggers and influencers everywhere an opportunity to make some serious cash while promoting a great educational project. Here are the high-level details: You earn 50% of each purchase made on Qvault by people who use your referral link It takes less than 5 minutes …

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All You Need to Know About Qvault’s Achievements System

Qvault Achievements; Gamifying Education

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the latest update to Qvault, the achievements system! We’ve modeled our achievements after how StarCraft II, DotA 2, Overwatch, and other video games handle tier systems. Each time a student unlocks an achievement they also get some free gems and a pretty badge on their public developer portfolio. …

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