Converting an Array to JSON Object in JavaScript

javascript on laptop

JSON, or “JavaScript Object Notation”, is one of the most popular data exchange formats, particularly in web development. If you have an array of data but the program you’re communicating with requires an object, don’t fear, we’ll go over some easy conversion methods. Quick Answer – JS Array to JSON Arrays are actually valid JSON, …

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How to Create a Custom Checkbox Form in Vue

Custom Checkbox Component Vue

You have a problem. The browser’s default checkbox form is ugly and outdated, but importing an entire library just to change the styling seems like overkill. Instead, let’s build a custom checkbox form component from scratch. It will take 15 minutes to type up, or just 3 if you just copy and paste my boilerplate …

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How to Make a Custom Slider Component in Vue

Vue Custom Slider Component

Creating a custom slider component can be tricky, especially if you want to create a lean standalone Vue component. In this quick article, you’ll learn how to build a fully customizable slider component in Vue. Feel free to swap out the majority of the CSS to get the styling you want, but I’ll give you a …

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JavaScript vs Java – Differences, Similarities, and History

JavaScript vs Java; Differences, Similarities, and History

The naming of Java and JavaScript confuses many new programmers. They sound so similar, so one might think they have the same use-cases, similar properties, or maybe the same company created both languages. None of those assumptions are true! JavaScript is primarily used as a front-end in-the-browser language, like how we use it for Qvault’s …

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Free Functional Programming Course Released – JavaScript and PureScript

intro to functional programming course 1 1024x576 1

We just launched our new “Intro to Functional Programming” course, and frankly, I’m a bit exhausted (more on that later). This course is an interactive code-in-the-browser course that teaches the basics of FP in JavaScript and PureScript. In order to celebrate this launch, we will be offering the course for free on signup (using the …

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How to Make a Simple Vue Custom Select Component

How to Make a Custom Select Component Vue

Creating a custom select tag with your own styling is notoriously difficult. Sometimes it’s impossible without building your own from scratch using a combination of styled divs and custom JavaScript. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a Vue custom select component that can be easily be styled using your own CSS. In fact, …

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