9 Outstanding Reasons to Learn Python for Finance

image for the article: python for finance shows a hand putting money in a piggy bank.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the finance sector for your career and you stumble across this article, you may be wondering, “How can Python help in finance?” You, like me, may be surprised to learn that you should learn to code altogether – and even more surprised to learn that the best …

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Python vs Java: Performance, Salary & More Compared

python vs java

Comparing Python and Java is a bit like comparing boats and cars. They both get you from point A to B and are fun to show off, but that’s where the similarities end. And the same with Python and Java, they’re both programming languages and known for powerful server-side coding, but after that, they become …

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Why Learn Python? 9 Key Reasons

why learn python

Simple to learn, endlessly versatile, and perennially in demand by employers paying higher and higher salaries every year — it feels like there’s a million reasons to learn Python.  I mean, what’s not to love about being a Python programmer? With a good set of Python skills you can work in data science, machine learning, …

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R vs Python: Which Is Best for Data?

r vs python

Python and R made a name for themselves as top-end competitors in the world of data science for their ability to seamlessly navigate and handle data. But what sets these languages apart from each other? Python vs R Compared Python Named after the British comedy group Monty Python, Python is a high-level, procedural, general-purpose programing …

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10 Compelling Reasons to Learn Python for Data Science

image of a python set against a black background

Read this if you don’t know where to start learning data science Data science is a vast field with tons of entry points, depending on where and how you want to start. I started learning basic data science with a language called R, until I ran into one of its many limitations. Python has definitely …

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Our Python Fundamentals Course Has Released

python fundamental new course news

We’ve just launched our latest course, Python Fundamentals. What’s more: to celebrate the release, we’re offering full FREE access to the entire course — yep, you can take the entire course for free for a month — but the code expires in just 14 days. Simply enter this code at checkout: YAYPYTHON Featuring more than …

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Building a Red-Black Binary Tree in Python

red black

A red-black tree is a kind of self-balancing binary search tree. Each node stores an extra bit, which we will call the color, red or black. The color ensures that the tree remains approximately balanced during insertions and deletions. When the tree is modified, the new tree is rearranged and repainted to restore the coloring …

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Golang vs Python: 6 Questions to Decide Which Programming Language is Best For You

golang vs python: this image shows a white man with a Gopher image superimposed on his face squaring up to box woth a Black man with a Python logo superimposed over his face.

These two coding languages duke it out – but who’s the winner? Question Tentative Winner Brief historic description of Golang vs Python – Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for beginners? Python Golang vs Python: Which coding language is best for experienced coders? Go Golang vs Python: Which language is best for a …

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