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Intro to Coding 1 & 2

intro to coding in javascript course 1024x576 2

Never seen code before? No problem! This course (and its sequel) will give you all you need to hit the ground running with JavaScript code. You’ll be writing code in minutes, and you’ll learn how it all applies to real-world applications.

Go Mastery 1 & 2

go mastery course 1024x576 3

Go (aka Golang) is one of the most popular languages today, and Go developers are among the highest-paid in the world. Many developers prefer Go to other backend web languages, and having this skill in your toolbelt is becoming a better idea with each passing day.

Python Fundamentals

python fundamentals course

Python, an open-source programming language that’s been growing in popularity for over 20 years, is today used by thousands of companies to deliver efficient, and reliable software. Learn Python while writing and practicing with code that’s applicable to the real world.

Big-O Algorithms

big o algorithms course 1024x576 1

Big-O complexity is arguably the most important concept students learn when completing a computer science degree. Unfortunately, most crash courses and coding boot camps skip these fundamentals entirely. This course will give you the foundation you need to start your career off on the right foot.

Advanced Algorithms

advanced algorithms course 1024x576 1

Learn everything you need to ace tough technical interviews. This Python covers graph theory, dynamic programming, linear programming, and will give you the hands-on experience of implementing advanced algorithms from scratch.

Go Interview Prep

go interview prep course 1024x576 1

Have a Go interview coming up? Want to prove to yourself the grasp you have on the Go language? In this quick review we’ll go over the material you can expect to run into in a job interview. A couple hours of practice can mean a huge starting salary increase.

Intro to Functional Programming

intro to functional programming course 1 1024x576 1

Functional programming is coming back in vogue. There’s a reason popular front-end frameworks like React and Vue encourage functional programming, and after this course you’ll be ready for them in a serious way.

Big-O Data Structures

big o data structures course 1024x576 1

If you’ve had trouble getting past a hard whiteboarding session, this course is for you. You’ll build data structures from scratch in Python, improve your problem-solving skills, and set yourself up for success in the advanced algorithms course.

Practical Cryptography

practical cryptography course 1024x576 2

Ever wondered how your data stays safe (or doesn’t) online? This deep dive in to cryptography will teach you all about encryption, password security, ciphers, and more. The best part is you’ll be building out these cryptography primitives in Go, learning by doing is the only way!