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Intro to Coding

intro to coding in javascript course 1024x576 2

Never seen code before? No problem! This course will have you writing real JavaScript code in minutes.

Go Mastery

go mastery course 1024x576 3

The Go language has skyrocketed in popularity, and Go developers are among the highest-paid right now. Learn all about Go with us.

Python Fundamentals

python fundamentals course

Python is used by thousands of companies to deliver efficient, and reliable software. Learn Python while writing real code.

Big-O Algorithms

big o algorithms course 1024x576 1

Many crash courses and coding boot camps skip algorithms entirely. This course will give you the foundation you need to start your career off on the right foot.

Advanced Algorithms

advanced algorithms course 1024x576 1

Learn everything you need to ace tough technical interviews. This Python course will give you hands-on experience implementing advanced algorithms.

Go Interview Prep

go interview prep course 1024x576 1

Have a Go interview coming up? In this quick review, we’ll go over the material you can expect to run into in a job interview.

Intro to Functional Programming

intro to functional programming course 1 1024x576 1

Functional programming is back in vogue with React hooks and compositional Vue. After this course, you’ll be ready for them in a serious way.

Big-O Data Structures

big o data structures course 1024x576 1

If you’ve had trouble getting past a hard whiteboarding session, this course is for you. You’ll build data structures in Python and improve your problem-solving skills.

Practical Cryptography

practical cryptography course 1024x576 2

Ever wondered how your data is kept safe online? This deep dive into cryptography will teach you all about encryption, password security, ciphers, and more.