Qvault’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Qvault for?

    Qvault is for anyone from an absolute beginner all the way up to a senior developer. Having an understanding of computer science theory and fundamentals makes finding a first job a piece of cake, allows you to break through the glass-ceiling of junior development, and will make you a better engineer overall.

    We’ve built an in-depth curriculum that takes you through the concepts you’d find in a university-quality computer science degree. The best part is you can do it on your own time and for a fraction of the cost.

  • I’ve never written code before, is Qvault for me?

    Yes! While many of our students are developers looking to round out their computer science education, we’ve built our curriculum to start from ground zero. In fact, by starting with computer science and not just web development, you’re doing it right. Finding a job will be much easier for you.

    Take a look at some of the benefits of learning computer science with us here.

  • What are achievements? How do I earn them?

    speed diamond min

    If you have a pro account, achievements are awarded as you complete certain milestones within your courses. For example, speed achievements are unlocked when you complete many exercises in a short timeframe. Devotion achievements are gained by logging in daily to work on courses. Streaks are unlocked by getting many assignments correct in a row.

  • How do I get my certificates?

    If you have a pro account, you go into your settings and customize your profile, and that profile is accessible to the public via the portfolio tab.

    If you want to show off your work to a potential employer or on your resume, just drop a link to your Qvault portfolio. To see an example, you can check out Lane’s portfolio here.

  • Can I get in touch?

    Of course! Check out our contact page for details.

  • Can I become a partner and help grow Qvault?

    Yes! We have an affiliate partner program! You’ll earn money each time someone you refer signs up. It takes minutes to get started and is a great way to monetize a social following or blog you host. Read more about it and get started here.

  • What are gems, and how can I earn them?

    Qvault Gems

    If you have a pro account, you’ll earn gems by completing streaks (getting many assignments correct in a row) and unlocking the achievements which you can browse in the achievements tab.

    Paying close attention and getting answers right the first time goes a long way!

    Read our post on achievements here for more details.