Go Mastery Course - Learn go in the browser

Go Mastery is for engineers who want to learn the syntax and best practices of the Go language. Learn about Go’s quirks and prove that you’re ready to begin building scalable backend systems. This 6-module course will teach you all the basics to prepare you for your next Golang interview or project.

Learn Go. Earn more.

Go Mastery was created for engineers who want to take their career to the next level.

 Go devs are the second most well-paid developers in the world.

Why is Go Popular?

  • Go is a simple, minimalistic language
  • Go is compiled, which means it’s fast
  • Go is memory-efficient and memory-safe
  • Go was designed for the web
Average Salary of Developer Languages


1 – Intro

  • Go’s syntax quirks
  • Short declarations and constants
  • Compiler basics
  • Type inference

2 – Functions

  • Named parameter and return styles
  • Defer and closures
  • Currying
  • Guard clauses and clean code

3 – Structs

  • Organizing data into structs
  • Nesting structs and struct literals
  • Error types
  • Interfaces and pointers

4 – Loops

  • Arrays and slices
  • Algorithm practice
  • Variadic functions
  • Conditionals

5 – Organization

  • Local development tutorial
  • Go toolchain introduction

6 – Concurrency

  • Goroutines and concurrency
  • Mutexes and race conditions
  • Channels
  • Select statements and channel closing