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Looking for a new job, or just want to brush up on your development chops? Prove to yourself you'd nail the Go interview.

Go Interview Prep Course

“Interview Prep – Go” is a coding course for anyone who wants to practice and prepare for a Go developer job, either now or in the future. Review Go’s quirks and prove that you’re ready to begin building, testing, and deploying Go applications. This is a quick 2-module course that guides you through Go coding exercises right in the browser.

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Code in the browser

We don't expect you to bring anything to class. We teach concepts in bite-sized chunks and all your code is written and edited right in your browser.

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Try it free

All of Qvault's coding courses are free to audit. You can even trial a pro membership at no cost to you, cancel anytime.

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Instant feedback

No need to upload zip files or guess at whether your code is performing correctly. All your programs instantly run against our test suites to keep you moving quickly.

Learn Go. Earn more.

“Interview Prep – Go” was created for developers looking for a single comprehensive Go review. Go devs are the second most well-paid developers in the world.

Content Overview

1. Basics

  • Review struct and typing quirks
  • Variadic functions and standard library
  • Pointers and memory
  • Errors and testing

2. Advanced

  • Data structures – stacks and queues
  • Slice and maps review
  • Channels
  • Sorting using Go’s standard sort
  • Binary search tree