Interview Prep

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Interview Prep – Go” is a coding course for anyone who wants to practice and prepare for a Go developer job, either now or in the future. Review Go’s quirks and prove that you’re ready to begin building, testing, and deploying Go applications. This is a free 2-module course that guides you through Go coding exercises right in the browse

Learn Go. Earn More.

“Interview Prep – Go” was created for developers looking for a single comprehensive Go review.

Go devs are the second most well-paid developers in the world.

The best part? This course is free when you sign up!


1 – Basics

  • Review struct and typing quirks
  • Variadic functions and standard library
  • Pointers and memory
  • Errors and testing

2 – Advanced

  • Data structures – stacks and queues
  • Slice and maps review
  • Channels
  • Sorting using Go’s standard sort
  • Binary search tree