Authenticate Users with “Sign In With Google” in Golang

sign in with google golang

Users love convenience. If your goal is to make it easy for users to register with your app or website, then implementing the “Sign in with Google” option should be at the top of your priority list. If you are like me, then you may find Google’s documentation on the subject to be lackluster at … Read more

Rust Backend vs Go Backend in Web Development

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Rust and Go are two of the industry’s biggest successes when it comes to modern programming language development. Both languages compete in terms of backend web development… and it’s a fierce competition. Go and Rust are new, have growing communities, and are fast and efficient. When it comes to microservice architectures, frameworks, and apps, Rust … Read more

How To Separate Library Packages in Go

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I’ve often seen, and have been responsible for, throwing code into packages without much thought. I’ve quickly drawn a line in the sand and started putting code into different folders (which in Go are different packages by definition) just for the sake of findability. Learning to properly build small and reusable packages can take your … Read more

How We Used Percolate Queries in Elasticsearch To Build a Fast Alerts System

How We Used Percolate Queries in Elasticsearch To Build a Fast Alerts System

Once upon a time, a company I worked for had a problem: We had thousands of messages flowing through our data pipeline each second, and we want to be able to send emails, SMS, and Alack alerts to ours users when messages matching specific criteria were seen. ElasticSearch’s percolating queries can be simply thought of … Read more