Concurrency In Rust; Can It Stack Up Against Go’s Goroutines?

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One of the primary goals of the Go programming language is to make concurrency simpler, faster, and more efficient. With Rust growing in popularity let’s see how its concurrency mechanisms stack up against Go’s. A Refresher On Goroutines In Go, concurrency is accomplished by spawning new goroutines: In the example above, we use the go … Read more

Golang Mutexes – What Is RWMutex For?

Golang is King when it comes to concurrency. No other language has so many tools right out-of-the-box, and one of those tools is the standard library’s sync.Mutex{}. What Problem Do Mutexes Solve? We don’t want multiple threads accessing the same memory at the same time. In concurrent programming, we have many different threads (or in … Read more