(Very) Basic Intro to Key Derivation Functions (Argon2, Scrypt, etc)

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A key derivation function, or KDF, derives one or many secret keys from a secret value. Therefore, If you’ve ever needed to store a password in a database or create a private key from a password, you may have used a KDF. For instance, some examples of popular KDFs: Argon2 Scrypt PBKDF2 Are KDFs just … Read more

Cryptology, Cryptography, and Cryptanalysis – Get your Vocabulary Straight!


Many new developers are jumping right into coding (usually for those fat paychecks) without learning much about the history of Computer Science. People regarded Alan Turing as the father of Computer Science. He was first a cryptologist and mathematician. Then, he pioneered the field of CS in order to solve cryptological problems. In this article, … Read more

How to Create a Bitcoin Savings Wallet Using Qvault and Sentinel

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DEPRECATED NOTICE This article will remain live for historic purposes, but the Qvault password manager is a deprecated project. Qvault and Samourai’s Sentinel are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting a secure and easy solution for Bitcoin savings. Why? A watch-only wallet is perfect for users who want a high-security savings account. It … Read more

Bitcoin Doesn’t Care About Your Identity, Only Your Knowledge

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When you make a withdrawal at a bank, pay taxes, or get a license you must prove who you are. The process of proving who you are is a very “human” process. The authority checks your ID and ensures the picture looks like you, which allows them to trust that you are the person who’s … Read more

How to Securely Backup a Seed Phrase

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Many newcomers to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space seem interested in holding their own private keys. As we know, not your keys not your coins. Dangers In order to spend Bitcoins, a user must have access to their wallet or to the seed phrase that was created alongside the wallet. Likewise, an attacker only needs … Read more

Intro to Qvault

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Qvault is a new opensource password manager, with an emphasis on user experience and customization options. Many who stumble upon Qvault ask the following, “How is this different from other password managers?” In this article we explain what sets Qvault apart. 1. Open Source Many password managers that exist today do not publish their code … Read more