Practical Patterns for Technical Writing

Practical Patterns for Techincal Writing

Writing technical documents like API or architectural documentation which exceeds a simple flow diagram can be a daunting task. If you have some experience with technical documents, you will probably agree that there is nothing more frustrating than bad documentation. Lately, technical writing became a more important part of my job, so I put together … Read more

Systems and Processes that Aren’t in Code are Terrifying

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The dreaded: You may recognize this as a unix cronjob, a job that is scheduled to run on a server periodically. You may be thinking, “Why is that scary? We use cronjobs all the time!” If the code that manages the crontab is source controlled and exists within the organization’s central repositories, then I actually … Read more

Documentation Sucks and You Probably Do it Too Much

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I often hear that we need more and better documentation in the tech industry. I’ve since come to believe that most documentation is overrated. When Documentation Sucks Incorrect documentation is worse than no documentation, and redundant documentation is worthless. Let’s remove the chaff. Incorrect Documentation Developers typically take the path of least resistance when given … Read more