HLS Video Streaming with Node.JS – A Tutorial

Video Streamed in Node JS

The goal of this tutorial will be to build a robust video (or music) streaming API using Node JS. Don’t worry, its surprisingly easy since we will be utilizing a modern protocol, HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS. Why use HLS for video streaming? HLS allows us to serve large media files as many smaller files. … Read more

JavaScript With Statement Explained – A Deep Dive

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By @wagslane (twitter) Let’s look at the JavaScript with statement. We will go over the simple uses, as well as a deep dive into some more advanced concepts. Note: Use of the with statement is discouraged. It can lead to strange bugs. That said, it is important to understand how it works because it may exist in … Read more

Thinking about Recursion: How to Recursively Traverse JSON Objects and the Filesystem

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I work primarily on application-level programs, so I tend to not use recursion very often. However, every now and then I need a function that is best solved recursively. It is important to be able to recognize when a problem is best solved recursively, and to be able to write it when the time comes. … Read more

Randomness and Entropy in Node and Electron


Randomness is a hard problem for computers. For this reason most functions that generate randomness are not considered cryptographically secure. That means that it is possible that an attacker can take a good guess at what number a non-secure randomness generator generated. How can randomness be attacked? Many non-secure randomness (or entropy) generators would do … Read more