(Very) Basic Intro to Lattices in Cryptography

Intro to Lattice-Based Cryptography

Lattice-based cryptography has been coming into the spotlight recently. In January 2019, Many of the semifinalists in the NIST post-quantum-cryptography competition were based on lattices. Lattice based cryptography has promising aspects that make it a contender for the basis of cryptographic security in a post-quantum world. What is a Lattice? According to Wikipedia, a lattice is … Read more

An Intro to Quantum Mechanics; Google’s Claim to Quantum Supremacy

Google Quantum Nature cover art small.0 Copy

The science that deals with the description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles is known as Quantum Mechanics. Traditional computers utilize the physics of electricity, the flow of electrons controlled by switches, to control their logic. Quantum computers rely instead on the physical properties of electrons, photons, and other tiny bits of matter … Read more

Quantum Programming 101: Superdense Coding Tutorial

Superdense coding

By Macauley Coggins What is Superdense coding ? Superdense coding is a quantum communications protocol that allows a user to send 2 classical bits by sending only 1 qubit. The Protocol Step 1: Preparing the Bell Pair First a bell pair consisting of 2 qubits is prepared. Where q0 is the senders qubit and q1 … Read more