Top 4 Coding Languages To Learn For Beginners (2020)

Top 4 Coding Languages For Beginners 2020

Coding languages, tools, and frameworks are in a constant state of flux, improvement, deprecation, and popularity swings. Let’s take a look at the top 4 languages for new programmers to learn in 2020. As it happens, we support all four of the top languages on the Qvault app, and have courses for JavaScript and Go, … Read more

Rust vs Go in Backend Web Development

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Rust and Go are two huge successes in the realm of modern programming language development. The two languages compete in terms of backend web development… and it’s a fierce competition. For example, the popular communication app Discord just started swapping out Go services for Rust to boost performance. Both languages are new, have growing communities, … Read more

Loops in Rust; Breaking From Nested Loops

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Looping in Rust isn’t the same as standard C-style languages. The syntax is different and there are some powerful options that make looping easier. First, let’s go over some looping basics, then we will cover how to handle breaking and continuing in nested loops. Standard For-Loop Which prints: 0..10 is an iterator where the lower-bound … Read more

Variable Shadowing In Rust – “Let” Is Immutable But Not Constant


Let’s take a look at some of the common pitfalls with the keywords let and mut. Then, we will learn how immutable != constant by using variable shadowing. Getting started with Rust can be daunting. Rust is well-known for being a safe language. One of the ways in which Rust is safe is through type-safety. … Read more

Concurrency In Rust; Can It Stack Up Against Go’s Goroutines?

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One of the primary goals of the Go programming language is to make concurrency simpler, faster, and more efficient. With Rust growing in popularity let’s see how its concurrency mechanisms stack up against Go’s. A Refresher On Goroutines In Go, concurrency is accomplished by spawning new goroutines: In the example above, we use the go … Read more

Rust vs Go – Which Is More Popular?

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Go and Rust are two of the hottest compiled programming languages. I develop in Go full-time and love it, and I’m learning more about Rust recently – its an exciting language. Let’s explore some differences between the two and look at which is growing faster in the popularity polls. Popularity Stats According to the StackOverflow … Read more